Updated on May 1st 2018

GDPR is Coming!

We have all been preparing for the introduction of the new GDPR regulations on the 25th of May. As your WiFi service provider, we understand how important this is and we have been preparing since August 2017 to ensure we are ready!

So what will we be doing?

Well on the 25th of May the WiFi splash / Registration page will change. WiFi users will be given the option to opt-in or simply go online without providing any information too us. You can view the example GDPR compliant splash / Registration below.

View GDPR Splash Page

How will that work?

We have created an example splash/registration page to help illustrate but in short, data will only be collected for those that have opted-in and not collect for those who have not.

What about data that has already been collected?

GDPR compliance requires changes for us all but most importantly we must re-seek consent from WiFi users that we hold data for. As a result, Inkspotwifi is legally obligated to get in touch with WiFi users to request permission to continue to hold the data. This will allow us to provide you with a fully GDPR compliant database.

Will you reference our Venue?

Any email that we send to WiFi users will reference the venue at which they signed up and essentially we will be emailing the WiFi users on your behalf. If you currently hold WiFi user data it is recommended that this is removed to allow you to start fresh with your June'18 report.

Do we have to take part?

No, If you would not like us to email the WiFi users on your behalf, you can contact us to request to be exempt. However, this would mean that we can no longer provide you with WiFi user data collected before the 25th of May 2018.

How will the email work?

All WiFi users will receive an email with, two options: Re-subscribe and Unsubscribe. If a user is Re-subscribing they will be asked to enter their email address and they will receive a confirmation email. Once confirmed the opt-in will be complete and the user email will also be verified.

If the user opts-out or does not provide a response by May 24th their personally identifiable data removed from our database. This will allow us to continue to provide you with fully compliant customer data moving forward.

Re-seek Consent

WiFi users will recieve the above email asking to confirm their subscription or un-subscribe if users to do not respond by the deadline, their information will be removed from the database.

Enter & Verify

WiFi users will be asked to enter their email address and click the link they recieved by email to verify their email address and to continue to recieve all the latest news, offers and in-store discounts.

I am a customer and I want to unsubscribe

There are two options for you, you can click the button and unsubscribe or you can contact us and speak with one of the team.


Please note that if you are a paying customer or a caravan owner please click here or contact our support team.