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It’s Black Friday – SOS!

The noise.  The growling.  The frantic, panicked dash through aggressive, apparently catatonic crowds.  No, it’s not a scene from The Walking Dead. Black Friday is upon us again. But what actually is it and what impact does it have on retailers and other businesses?  Is it an irritating black blotch

Is Virtual Reality set to Revolutionise Retail?

As I’m ushered through the insane asylum, bound to a wheelchair being pushed by a nurse in a 1940s uniform, nothing could prepare me for the full brunt of madness that I was about to experience. No I wasn’t on the film set for American Horror Story, I was in

Client Spotlight on Munro K!

Who’s the Client? Munroe K was formed in 2000 when the board of directors pooled their unrivalled niche asset management and property management experience.  Munroe K is now one of the UK’s top specialist shopping centre and retail property management companies.  Each of their properties is managed by a dedicated team – led

Welcome, to our new client!

Who’s the client? Jones Lang LaSelle (JLL) are a Fortune 500, global real estate company covering the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. With an annual turnover of ~$8 billion, it has a portfolio of 4.6 billion square feet under management. In the UK, they are the one of

Save Our Town Centres!

The demand for constant connectivity is growing and businesses – large and small – are racing to connect with their customers and understand them better by offering them free guest WiFi. But what about the places in between these businesses? The town centres, streets, parks, bus stops…  Here too, people